Plant Care inside the premises and outdoor locations

It is not enough only to choose the right plants for landscaping or interior phytodesign with a rigorous condition such as the urban environment, you also need to choose the right time for planting and planting technology. It is important to organize the professional care of plants - to organize irrigation, fertilizers, feed the plants on time and to treat the plants from getting possible diseases. Even if the plants are properly cared for from time to time, the chance that plants will take root in the new place takes several attempts. After a year or two you need to purchase new stands and plants to replace those killed.

To save your company time and money, we recommend that you sign a contract for the care of plants, for outdoor locations and inside the premises. We regularly monitor the condition of the plants, make fertilizers for plants to protect them from disease, cut bushes and trees of outdoor locations and do comprehensive lawn care, etc. Each object is unique, so we always calculate the costs of caring for the plants individually for each object .

If the budget of your company is limited your employees have the opportunity to care of the plants in the office and / or the surrounding areas. We do suggest though that you make use of our service that teaches your staff how to take care of the plants. Подробнее об организации ухода за растениями.

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Price-list for the services of plant care can be found here.

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