About Us

Mary Green Company offers landscaping, floristic and flordesign, landscape design, floral design, caring for plants and Christmas decoration since 2008. 

The company’s specialists have extensive experience,both with urban and suburban sites. We have completed over 70 projects, including projects in the Residence of the Consul General of Finland, hotels: Holiday Inn, Sokos, and Astoria, the business- metropolis "Guyot", business center "Energy" (Gazprom Neft Group of Companies), Company "UltraStar", company "Multon" (producer of Coca-Cola, juice Rich, Nico, Dobry"), Finpro trade center at the Consulate General of Finland, the Mansion "Club Kochubey" business center "44 Tchaikovsky", the company VECTUM, company Inlook Color SP, jewelry center "Golden collection", the conference Oil Terminal, restaurants: Puberty, «The Nutcracker», «Navruz», OCEAN; hi-end electronics shop Linn, villages Repino, Gruzino, Vartemyagi, Kuzmolovo, Zelenogorsk-town.

For fotos from the objects in 2020, please see instagram @goodmarygreen