Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration of facades and interiors have long been a tradition for all companies who care about their image. Particular attention is paid to the New Year’s decoration retail trade and services. New Year’s Day - it is always a rush of sales for all stores, restaurants and other service industries. The spectacular Christmas decoration helps them attract more customers and increase sales in this hot business time.

At this time, your staff should focus more on customer service, providing an opportunity for professionals to care for the design of the buildings and interiors. Our clients do not have to worry about a thousand little things that are needed for festive decoration - we will do it.

We offer Christmas decoration in both classical and contemporary styles .Mary Green offers a variety of options for New Year’s decorations for the interior and facade of the building and surrounding area. This could be the interior decoration of Christmas flower arrangements, the installation of the original Christmas tree ornaments with design and the installation of the original lighting installations and much more. After the holidays our employees will carefully pack them so that they are not damaged during the long-term storage until the next New Year.

Photos of works performed since 2019, please see instagram @goodmarygreen

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