Phytodesign, flordesign

Phytodesign and floradesign interior - it’s the final touch in creating a harmonious and elegant interior. Flowers and plants in the interior create a special atmosphere, which affects the mood of the guests, clients, customers, leaving them with the most pleasant experience, and inviting them to come back to you again and again.

In order for plants to please you and your clients for a long time, you need to select the plants with knowledge about the light and temperature in the room, carefully check the plants to see that they do not suffer from any plant disease (unfortunately, most of the proposed trade of plants are sick), select the proper planting time and strictly comply with the technology fit for properly and regularly taking care of plants. If all this is done, then you do not need to buy new plants that otherwise would have been killed or lost their appearance. Only a professional can take all these details into account. So, if you contact us, you will not have to spend money every year buying new plants and soil. Our technology specialists have potted plants, interior design, with real and artificial flowers.

Before carrying out conceptual design, we will meet you to clarify your wishes, photograph interiors, do a performance measurement and study the lighting conditions in the premises. Then, within one to two weeks we will prepare the preliminary design and phyto flordizayna interior and give you an estimate of the plants, materials and work we have to carry out. Following the approval of the sketch and estimate we will buy the plants and materials, organize and deliver them and start the gardening work.

Photos of works performed since 2019, please see instagram @goodmarygreen

Price-list for the services of floristic and flora design can be found here.
The estimation of the prices for floristic and flordizaynu can be found here.

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