New! Organization of plant care

If the budget of your company is limited your employees have the opportunity to care of the plants in the office and / or the surrounding areas. We do suggest though that you make use of our service that teaches your staff or employees of a cleaning company with which you cooperate, how to take care of the plants. In this case, we will develop a schedule for the care of plants in your office or at an outdoor location. Then we will train your staff or the employees of the cleaning company, how to properly take care of the plants. Finally, we regularly carry out a diagnosis of the plants and adjust the care card.

TAKING CARE OF PLANTS WILL ALSO HELP YOUR EMPLOYEES to be more positive and get rid of stress.

One of the largest Japanese insurance companies designated a large office area for the planting of typical Japanese plants, including rice. Plants produce oxygen, which is very good for the composition of air in the office and well-being of employees. A large number of plants in the office improves the well being of its employees and customers who visit the office. All employees of the company take care of the plants during their small breaks. Taking care of plants allows employees to relax, relieve stress and get a positive attitude towards fulfilling their core responsibilities. For an innovative approach towards the ecology this company was awarded a diploma from the Government of Japan.

Photos of works performed since 2019, please see instagram @goodmarygreen

If you would like to adopt this excellent practice, our company, Mary Green will help you to do everything you need to achieve this goal.

Price-list for the services of organization of plant care can be found here.

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